Fun With Fractions and More…


With a name like Junior Scholars, you know the emphasis is on education, education, education.

The fun element to Junior Scholars’ products motivates children to learn, because lesson time seems like playtime, so they don’t protest. Now learning mathematics (for example) can be fun thanks to the Magnetic Fractions with Percentages and Decimals by Doowell.

Mathematics are Fundamental

If man had never mastered the decimal system, people might never have reached such an impressive peek. This is why children should be taught the importance of maths at an early age. Children may be frustrated by maths if they lack an understanding of numbers. By teaching them that the fraction 1/4 is equal to 25 % and the decimal 0.25, they begin to grasp the relationship between expressed values.

A Colourful Teaching Tool

Of course, the colourfully designed pieces will garner the attention of any youngster. The piece on the top row is purple and those on the second row light blue. This fading colour pattern goes down nine rows, and it shows the relationship between the fractions. The three blocks in third row each represent 1/3, and they can be turned over to reveal .333. The fourth row features four blocks depicting 1/4. This decreasing scale goes all the way to 1/12, with each piece featuring both a fraction and a decimal side.

Best of all, the pieces grow gradually smaller as the fractions decrease. The four 1/4 tiles are collectively as long as the three 1/3 tiles. The two 1/2 tiles are half as long as the one purple tile representing the whole number 1. This shows the children in many ways that 12/12 equals one whole. However, the Doowell Magnetic Fractions game with Percentages & Decimals brings an entertaining aspect into the classroom as well.

Capturing a Child’s Mind

The magnetic pieces allow the board to be presented to a larger group of children. This interactive approach gives the teacher a visual aid to which they can refer. Allowing the students to see the terms being verbalised adds a new dimension to the teaching. However, this board can be used as a reward for good work as well.

The magnets and colourful pieces also make it possible to improvise games and challenges in which the children can compete. One of the reasons children lose interest in education is because the process is so tedious. Children need to be stimulated throughout the learning process, or they lose interest. This board is a great way to show the relationship between the fractions, because it features a festive design to catch a child’s attention. Also, one side ‘Grid side of board’ is used to compare the sizes to values and the other side is an ‘Activity side of board’.  Children can colour in one or more segments for each picture, then find the fractions or decimals that match.

Trust Doowell

Learning the relationships between decimals, fractions and percentages can be difficult. Fortunately, Doowell has created a viable solution for showing children how values relate to one another. A marker pen is also included in the set so the instructor may make notes as he or she teaches. This 53-piece set is recommended for children ages 4-9.

The £6.99 price (versus RRP of £9.99) makes the Doowell Magnetic Fractions with Percentages & Decimals an affordable teaching aid. A child’s developing brain must be nurtured through challenging mental exercises, but they also need fun. Doowell has struck this balance perfectly with their latest product range.



Seven Tips On What Toys Should You Buy For Your Kids


Toys are educational!

First of all, toys aren’t just toys, period! They are built in such a way that they can educate children into learning certain skills and developing certain abilities. Some choose puzzles in order to work on a logical mind, others work on building Lego lands because they develop strategic skills and so on. The idea here is simple, any toy (or almost) should have an educational purpose, should teach the child something in order to help them learn through playing.

Toys should be appropriate for the age!

This is another matter that is worth reading about because it highlights an important aspect: toys should be safe. There are very strict regulations when it comes to creating toys for children, especially when it comes to the age the targeted audience has. It’s really important to understand that small kids can swallow and ingest certain pieces if they don’t pay attention and you can’t risk that!

Toys are FUN!

Fun is something that we all like, but the children love. Having fun means that your mind and creativity are stimulated by the rules the game or the toys imply and that is something that people absolutely love. Think about this: if your kid likes science, don’t buy him car toys. Having fun means doing what you love and that is the best advice here.

Two for one toy

Fun is all about sharing too and this is a great thing that you can teach to your child: that he should share his toys with others in order to have a better experience. Imagine that you are buying him a water gun (at an appropriate age of course). How fun is it when he has to play with it alone? This is a type of toy (and there are millions of others) that is designed to be shared and to be played with.

Link to the movies

This is another great advice that you can take up: if you really want to make your child happy, try to see what his preferences are and link the toys you buy with that. There are kids that have grown up with movies in any given generation since the invention of the cinema. One can name the western fans, others choose Star Trek or Star Wars there are some who might be a fan of Superman or Batman and so on. The idea here is to create a link between these preferences and the toys you buy in order to be certain that your kid will love them.

Don’t run from the “serious” toys!

As mentioned above one of the purpose of the toy industry is to educate the little one in a certain direction. This idea has opened some perspectives in a certain niche because some people wanted to develop educational toys for the ones that want to learn expressively. This is how medical kit toys have been built and the same goes for construction sites and laptops. They have been designed in order for the little one to test his own ideas and see how he makes it in that particular task.

Make it count

Think about your childhood and how did your parents choose your toys. You might have been so fortunate to have the ones that you wanted or you might be on the other side where you would have to be grateful with a wooden car and a stuffed teddy bear. The best advice here is to buy the toys that are special and can have a positive influence on the childhood of the kid.

To conclude, you should be aware of the impact that a parent has when it comes to the first years of a kid’s life. It’s a great thing that we live in a world where information is always available and that is the reason why you should learn how powerful your impact can be and how can some simple toys make all the difference in the world. It’s time to make your kid happy and buy a toy that will keep him or her busy for quite a while.

Tony Stevens – psychologist. He has developed many programs for studying the impact of various outside factors(like children toys) on the children and their development.

Educational Games and Toys: building a brighter future for your child


Play is important for children. It is one way they learn things and also learn to socialize. When choosing games, you should choose those that will build their minds and enhance their skills such as in English and Mathematics.

For younger children aged up to three years, one way to do this is through activity books. There is a variety to choose such as My 123 Buggy Book which is a colourful and entertaining buggy board book. There is also Usborne Noisy Animals for fun learning of animal sounds through sound effects. In the same series, there is Usborne New Jungle that is a jungle of sounds that come to life by pressing sound buttons. For older children aged about six years and above, having fun while learning is made easy with entertaining and educational games. There are several that build skills such as in word power and arithmetic while giving hours of fun. This include See-Inside Numbers Peg Puzzle and Glow in the Dark Solar System, Neat Writing Motivational Stamp from Classmates. There are also Stabilo pens pens for the right and left handed, colored fineliners, erasers and other writing equipment that encourage good hand writing.

There is a lot for children aged between seven and eleven years. Improve their math skills with Bond No Nonsense Maths, Non Verbal Reasoning Multiple Choice Practice Papers for 11 year olds. There is also Maths Multiple Choice Practice Papers and Verbal Reasoning Multiple Choice for children of the same age. Science is also very interesting for this age group with Great Gizmos Kids Labz-Green Science Potato Clock, Horrible Science- Cracking Castle the Jigsaw and Horrible Science -Smashing Solar System which is also a jigsaw puzzle.

Even children of this age enjoy a good story and they are a great way to teach them history. Titles like Elizabeth 1, Julius Caesar, Napoleon and Anne Frank let them take in history lessons even as they enjoy a good story. There are also children’s versions of William Shakespeare, Frankenstein and The Queen’s Pirate Francis Drake which tells them interesting stories in a language that has been simplified and made fun for them. Children of this age can also indulge their fantasies and be a pharaoh with the Pharaoh’s Handbook, a knight with the Knight’s Handbook or a Roman Soldier with the Roman’s Soldier Handbook.

There is also something for older children aged between 12 to 16 years old. Chemistry lessons go down well with the John Adams Chemistry Set while the Trilemma, a multi-level maths game makes learning math entertaining. Also, learning French will be a treat with Orchard Toys Ready for French Les Courses a faire which teaches encourages learning with a shopping memory game.

Spanish will also be fun to learn with the Fridgemagic Magnetic First Spanish Words. There are similar fridge magnets for French known as Fridgemagic Magnetic First French Words.

Children with special needs are also taken care of. For instance, there is the Coloured Reading Overlays that make reading fun and stress-free and the Fine Motor Skills Book that helps to improve motor skills. Stabilio stationery is also available for special needs children.

Safety is also an important consideration when choosing toys. For young children, ensure that there are no small parts they can swallow which can choke them.

Sarah is a nursery school assistant and mother of 2, who tests, writes and reviews products for Junior Scholars, an online educational games and toy store designed to help children reach their full learning capabilities.<

RC Helicopter 3D V 1.2: Taming the Copter


Flight simulation games have always had a special place among the global gaming community. There have been a few great helicopter flight simulators for PC, but none for RC helicopters. Helicopter simulation games can be used by amateur players to learn how to use the craft, while competition flyers can also have fun flying a mobile version for a change. There had never been a 3D helicopter simulation for mobile phones and other mobile devices. However in 2010, an Italian application developer came up with RC Helicopter 3D V 1.2 for iOS device owners to experience flying a chopper that is as realistic as possible to the real experience.

 What is the RC Helicopter 3D V 1.2?

Michele Gruppioni of Gruppio has created an RC helicopter simulator app available right at your fingertips, for iOS devices. This helicopter simulator appears to be one of those toys that can engage adults as well as kids. It gives players control of a realistic helicopter in a house and sets mission goals which must be completed one by one in order to advance in the learning process. The RC Heli Simulator does not pretend to be a professional helicopter simulation app meant for professionals. It is a one-man development. Instead, the game is marketed as a flight simulation for kids and adults alike, with the opportunity to learn the basics of helicopter flight maneuvers by controlling a realistic RC Helicopter. The flight modes are aggressive and aggressively real. Gamers are completely at the mercy of gravity and must control their craft against it.


The game experience offers a unique fusion between the gyroscope sensor that measures orientation, and the accelerometer sensor, which measure acceleration forces. This fusion, combined with a complex filter that keeps the chopper always aligned to the sky and the grass below, allows the unit to always remain at the center of your screen. For parents wondering what kids’ toys to gift their child on occasions may find this game a useful addition to their iOS devices.

 RC Helicopter Game-Play

The app allows players to choose between two modes of flight – Simulator and Game. The simulator mode allows players to learn complex helicopter maneuvers like loops, tail side, inverted flight, backward loop, flip, square, tic-toc etc. Players can rotate their iPhones 360 degrees to have their helicopter perform a complete loop. In the Game mode on the other hand, players can score points when they complete missions or small objectives that have to do with how well you can control your aircraft. Missions include cutting the grass with your helicopter blade while in inverted flight, slicing through birds with your similarly inverted blade, and cutting through bushes. This is some of the many educational kids’ toys out there developed for mobile devices.

Players can also choose between several helicopter models available to them during play. While new models will be added with time, say the developers, the models that are already available include the well-known 3D helicopter models Align TRex 700N, the Gaui X5, the Logo 600 and the Gaui X7. The Gaui x7 is the largest Gaui hoppy helicopter among kids’ toys out there. It is a favorite of the most demanding global competition pilots. This is one of the many apps that developers are coming up with that can possibly offer hours of game play even for adults.


Tracing the History of the RC Helicopter 3D V 1.2

Also known as the RC Heli Simulator, the RC Helicopter 3D V 1.2 was launched on January 23, 2013. The first version of the app was released earlier that month and tracked on January 6 at the iTunes store. Version 1.2 was released with several improvements. While the first revised edition of the app included bug fixes, additional models and instructions, version 1.2 also added some more models and smaller tweaks to make game play smoother. The new version also has new graphics and a new icon. When you buy the game on iTunes you will find it is a 7.2 MB file and is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with iOS 4.3 or later. Kids’ toys are now within easy reach of a single click of the mouse. This app is a convenient substitute for 3D helicopters, especially for families that live in urban spaces with little scope or space for flying a hobby RC helicopter.


Best gadgets, gifts and grown up toys for 2013


You don’t have to be a kid to like playing with toys – and there’s a cracking selection of big boys toys out there. You don’t have to spend a lot for some fun gadgets but the only problem is wading through the sheer amount that’s available on the internet.

Luckily for you, we’ve done all the hard work and collected our favourite gifts and gadgets for all the family and compiled them into a handy top five. You’ll never have to worry about birthday presents again!


This awesome little gadgety thing clips to the back of your iPhone and acts as a tough and durable case that’s also a powerful projector, speaker and back up battery all in one! That means you can project your photos and videos onto the nearest wall. It has an amazing 60” viewing area and means you can surf the net, read books, play games and watch videos on your iPhone but with the awesomeness of a big screen.


The next generation of semi-autonomous flying machines is here! Its four channel Quad-Rotor design means it can fly in all directions and stay stable. It does stunts, tricks and complicated manoeuvres and is easily charged via a USB lead. You can send it off at a range of 120m and it’s remote controlled using a 2.5GHZ radio control – the perfect gift for the man (or boy!) in your life.

BLUETOOTH GLOVES – £34.99 from

Yep, you can literally ‘talk to the hand’ with these awesome bluetooth gloves. They connect to your phone via Bluetooth and allow you to talk directly into your hand, just like you used to do when you were a kid! They’re also great for touchscreens so you can use your tablet while keeping toasty and warm.


Ready… set… GO! Start your engines and race these fabulously sleek remote control cars around your house or office. You can control them using your iPhone, iPad or 5th gen iPod Touch. They’re the ultimate in ‘boys toys’ and will provide hours of racing fun for you and your family.


This handy, stylish and sleek alarm clock is the refreshing and natural way to wake up. Also called a ‘dawn simulator’ it wakes you up gradually using a steadily increasing natural light. This signals to your body to slow down on producing melatonin (sleep hormones) and increase those that help you get up (cortisol). It can help you keep your sleeping regular and restful, boosting mood, energy and productivity levels all through the day.


How to choose a telescope as a gift for your child


Choosing worthwhile and long lasting gifts for children can be a challenge. Let’s face it, more often than not they end up with piles of plastic toys that they quickly become bored with, and you’re left with the nagging feeling that money was wasted.

Perhaps you want to buy your child, niece or nephew a gift that is in some way educational, or at least might challenge their brains, as well as their sense of fun? Or perhaps a child you’re buying a gift for has a keen scientific mind that you’d like to see developed?

All these are excellent reasons for buying your child a telescope. Any budding little astronomer who has been fascinated by the resurgence of astronomy related programmes on the TV, or is developing a fascination with astrology or UFOs would be overjoyed to be given a proper, working telescope.

There are some absolutely excellent models on the market, designed with children and beginners in mind, but they’re eminently usable for the whole family should mum and dad be interested as well!

Learning about science and astronomy is never boring, provided it’s done with the right equipment and allows the child to experiment and research for themselves. There are absolutely loads of websites and resources available specifically for children to help them learn more about astronomy and develop their knowledge, such as Kids Astronomy that are worth checking out.

They also give plenty of advice on the kinds of telescopes and equipment suitable for children, whether they’re completely new to astronomy or have been interested for a while.

Models like the Sky-Watcher Infinity-76P Telescope make an exciting and different children’s gift, whether it’s for Christmas, their birthday or just because! The Sky-Watcher is a super high quality Newtonian Reflector telescope designed with children and beginners in mind. It’s the perfect entry level telescope with technology that’s usually found on much more expensive telescopes. It collects 131% more starlight than the average 50mm telescope, which means the viewer can see hundreds more objects clearly and sharply. It’s intuitive and easy to use and is pretty much ready straight out of the box – all of this and it’s under £50, making it an ideal gift for the child that deserves something a bit special.

Another option for kids and beginners is the Celestron Firstscope 76 Dobsonian style telescope. It has a 76mm aperture and was awarded Official Product of the International Year of Astronomy in 2009. The FirstScope pays tribute to Galilieo Galilei and many other famous and notable astronomers throughout history by displaying their names around the tube. It’s extremely compact and it’s extremely decorative and will look fab in your child’s bedroom when not in use.

You can find the Sky-Watcher telescope here including the Infinity-76P and the Firstscope 76.

There are, of course, many options for your child, particularly due to the recent increase in stargazing and astronomy in general thanks to programmes like the BBC’s Stargazing Live. It’s always worth considering spending around £30-£50 as this will get you and your child a model that is extremely efficient, long lasting, functional and stylish.


You Can Buy All of The New Games You Want When You Sell Old Ones!


With new games for the ps3 and xbox coming out with a thrilling regularity, most gamers are looking for ways to find the extra cash to buy the newest games as soon as they come out. Here, we give you some really simple but effective tips and tricks for getting that cash by selling your old, unwanted ps3 and xbox games.

You can afford to be a little bit ruthless when it comes to getting rid of your old games for cash. Ask yourself whether you will really be playing that old game another time, or whether it will just be hanging around in a box, cluttering up your floor, when it could be helping to make you a heap of cash. Weigh up the costs and benefits of getting rid of each particular game in order to buy new ones. In particular, ask yourself whether the joy you would get from playing the old game a few more times would outweigh the excitement of buying and playing a new one. If yes, sell the old game! If not (and we all have our old favourites, from which we’d hate to be parted), keep that particular old game and sell some others instead.

Sell your old games and make a heap of money!

If you have the gift of the gab and like to be out in the open air interacting with customers, you can sell your old games at a car boot sale. The good thing about this is the instant return you make: at the end of the day, you get to take home all of the cash you have made in your very own hands. No-one charges you a commission, and you don’t have to pay postage costs when you hand your old games straight over to your customers. You can even make a detour on the way home and buy your new games right away!

Selling online is also a great way to make a great big wad of cash when you sell unwanted games from the ps3 or xbox. Sites like ebay and amazon are great because you can advertise your item to a wide range of customers. You can also view other sellers selling similar items to you, enabling you to get the upper edge by marketing your item that little bit better, or giving your customers a more competitive price.

Whether you sell unwanted games online or in person, the value of your games will increase if they are in good condition. So don’t trash your games! And keep all of the packaging, including all those random notes and leaflets that come with them. That way they will be more like buying a new game, and your customers will reward you handsomely for it.

It’s not just computer games you can opt to trade in but you can also sell dvds online for cash, so dig out those old Disney movies your kids have grown out of.

Ideas to decorate your wall

Inspiration for interior design is often difficult. What style to go for? What colour to apply? What’s in fashion and what’s not? How much will it cost? If I don’t like it then how much will it cost to change it? Many times there is also a lack of visualisation of the end product; this is more often than not the biggest problem. In addition, if you’re looking at making multiple changes at the same time then budgeting really becomes an issue.

When undergoing the above process many people don’t even bother considering wall stickers. These not only offer a stylish, visually stunning and easy way to spruce up your walls, but the real deal clincher are the fact that they are so easy to maintain – and if after a while you get bored of them then changing them is simple.

The possibilities of what you can do are well and truly endless, whether it’s a wood and brick look that you want to impose on your walls, or whether its tree and flowers stickers for the kids room. The decorative possibilities are boundless, wall stickers are not only limited to walls, these can be applied to cupboards and kitchen units; they can be used to brighten up your bathroom and other rooms. They also offer an alternative decoration plan to traditional and conventional ideas; these self-adhesive wallpapers are non-toxic unlike some other offerings available on the market.

Decowall have options that will suit any requirement, from the above mentioned wall stickers and wallpapers, an array of options that will brighten up any room. They also offer a range of  window films; these can be used for a multitude of purposes and are a perfect addition for partition glasses in offices or even interior doors, so there really is no excuse for having dull interior doors or external windows anymore.

For ordering, delivery or viewing our extensive range visit



Kitch and Trendy Home Interior Gift Ideas


Choosing a gift for a friend, wedding or for a house warming party..?   Why not think of something off the wall/different and get something different and useful for your friends home, like a pair of curtains, a cool rug, a dining accessory a useful gadget or something for their home office.  Why not compliment a room design with a functional window blind that will cut out the light as well as look good with your chosen colour scheme.

For a luxurious Sunday morning sleep-in, consider the sleep saving Velux Blackout blinds in manual and solar powered varieties, that can ubiquitously encompass the window from edge to edge to ensure not a shimmer of light shines through to disturb your peaceful slumber. These blinds also help to ensure a baby’s nap time is restful in the middle of the afternoon by keeping the room just as dark as in the middle of the night. To coordinate with any room’s colour scheme, the Blackout blinds come in a wide variety of colours and patterns. For easy operation, you can select window coverings with manual controls to adjust the blinds, or for windows that are not within easy reach, choose an electronically operated window covering for easy operation with a solar-powered remote control.

For a loft recreation room or home office, consider the selection of low cost, high quality roller blinds or venetian blinds. These blinds let you brighten up the room with natural sunlight, while keeping the harsher glare of the sun away. Choose from a selection of colours to accentuate the recreation room or home office décor, and position the blinds anywhere on the window to customize the amount of light that can come through the window. The roller blinds are the lowest cost solution to simple light diffusion in your room, while the venetian blinds also help to reduce the incoming heat through the window while allowing you to modify the direction of the light coming through the window. For a smooth and sleek appearance and easy adjustment, the venetian blinds offer cordless operation. The awning blinds are an energy efficient and sound dampening solution for roof windows. These blinds diffuse the light throughout the room, fit discreetly within the window and can dampen the sound of heavy rain for a quieter and peaceful interior.

Itzala  offer a selective choice of  blinds at a considerable discounted price and is an approved online UK Velux retailer and manufacturer of quality window coverings. Decide on blinds to fit roof windows and skylights manufactured by Fakro, VELUX, Dakstra, Keylite and RoofLITE.

Rockboard Scooter: combines the best of both worlds


Do your kids their kick scooter, but also want the versatility of a shredding scooter? Turn to the Rockboard two-in-one scooter, which combines the best of both worlds. The scooter is equipped with advanced Rockboard propulsion technology, which includes a steel power-drive chain that allows you to shred the pavement in Rockboarding mode. However, if you’re looking for a more casual ride, you can adjust the two-position locking joint and turn the Rockboard into a low-profile kick scooter.

It’s like owning two completely different scooters but without spending the extra money. The Rockboard scooter is built to last, with an ultra-strong steel box frame, a steel front fork, and a die-cast aluminum deck. The rockboard scooter’s rear spring-enhanced suspension system, meanwhile, creates a smooth ride on the most unforgiving pavement. And thanks to the nylon-reinforced spokes and super-tough urethane wheels, the scooter provides amazing rolls and even better traction.

Other features include a reinforced handlebar assembly for safety; comfort grips and an aluminum alloy brake handle that allow for secure control; a telescoping downpipe with a height adjustment lock; and an oversized nylon coupler that allows you to fold the handlebars for compact storage.